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Text editor for engineers


Now develope a report, explanatory note, project — as easy as shelling pears!



Use ready-made free calculation examples and design templates for technical documentation



Type the text as you did in other editors.
Manage formulas, tables, images.
Export, print.


Third-party calculators are no longer needed.
TechEditor integrates powerful tools
for mathematical calculations with elements
of programming


Effective, proven solutions are now at hand! Use calculation templates and examples of explanatory notes, reports and other documents

What TechEditor looks like

Appreciate the new text editor for engineers!

TechEditor | Dystlab Store
Редактор формул ТехЭдитор | Dystlab Store

How to use TechEditor

TechEditor is a specialized software that is designed to quickly and efficiently develop various technical documentation:

explanatory notes for architectural and construction projects

reports of researches and developments

scientific articles, abstracts

dissertations for the degree of candidate, doctor of technical, physical, mathematical and other sciences

articles for scientific blogs, sites

books, monographs, manuscripts

student course projects, graphic design work

A few key videos

how to work in TechEditor

Looking for a free formula editor?

Looking for a free formula editor?

Dystlab TechEditor already here!

How to aesthetically type a document and automate all calculations?

This is the eternal dilemma of the engineer. However, there is a solution: in TechEditor, the visual part of the document is separated from the computations


Dystlab TechEditor screenshot

Main document:

Dystlab TechEditor screenshot

In TechEditor, you can write documentation as you used to in other text editors. All calculations will be displayed in the document only in the place where you want.

And the way you want.

Why is TechEditor a good solution?

Laboratory Dystlab™ presents a program for engineering calculations, which is available to any engineer, planner, constructor, architect anywhere in the world.


Designed and maintained by a team of experienced engineers

It is engineers working in various industries (from civile to mechanical engineering).

High quality document formatting

Provides high quality layout and printing of the document.

Complex calculations are no longer a problem

It has a built-in engine for mathematical calculations.

Free software

Designed to improve engineering. Distributed free of charge.

In which industries and fields can TechEditor be used?

or why might it be interesting to me?

TechEditor can be used in any field of human activity where the development of technical documentation is required.

design and calculation of buildings and structures

AEC, bridges, hydraulic construction, etc.

engineering products design, strength assessment of machine parts and mechanisms

automotive, rail, aircraft, shipbuilding, robotics, etc.

design, architectural design

insolation calculations, KEO, outline (approximate) calculations

Development of engineering network projects

power supply, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, water disposal, etc.

Type and edit formulas of any complexity

The program has a built-in visual editor that generates formulas from convenient blanks


The editor supports:

  • mathematical formulas in the style of TeX / LaTeX
  • math fonts (Cambria Math, etc.)
  • fine-tuning font size, color, and other formatting attributes
  • inline insert
  • greek characters
  • special characters, operators
  • subscripts, superscripts
  • integrals, differentials
  • matrices and more


Export file DOCRTFTXT

Feel the power of a calculation engine with programming elements

The engineering program TechEditor is equipped with a powerful computing processor based on the Pascal programming language. Use variables and functions for arithmetic calculations. Program procedures for more complex engineering calculations (or use the extensive database of ready-made templates)

Вычислительный процессор онлайн | TechEditor


The TechEditor calculation model supports arithmetic, trigonometric functions, type conversion, and more


Add variables and constants to your model. Manage them directly from the document


Use IF-THEN-ELSE, CASE, FOR-DO, REPEAT-UNTIL, WHILE-DO and other programming elements. Create your own procedures and functions!

Read more about the capabilities of the software

Read more about the capabilities of the software

Help is available online 24/7

The Dystlab laboratory has developed a template database for you

No time to learn all the possibilities of the environment? Download examples of ready-made reports, explanatory notes, projects. Each template is documented in detail — changing just a few parameters, you just have to send it to print

Users support

Where can I ask a question on TechEditor

1. Email message

technot needed texteditoranother not needed text@dystlabdummy text.store

2. Support in Social Network for Engineers

3. TechEditor in messengers

TechEditor Reviews

Impressions of specialists from using the program in their engineering work

"Я практикующий инженер, занимаюсь расчетами в области машиностроения. Обычно, результатом моей работы является отчёт с различными формулами, иллюстрациями, вычислениями.

В существующих (free) текстовых редакторах, как правило, ограничен функционал работы с формулами, и тем более, они не выполняют вычисления "в теле" самого документа. Как раз это и является главным плюсом TechEditor.

Рекомендую TechEditor, в первую очередь, как среду для создания отчётов, внутри которых можно проводить вычисления. Во-вторых, TechEditor — бесплатный продукт, что критически важно для работы с некоторыми заказчиками"

"Я инженер-проектировщик строительных металлоконструкций. Каждый день мы с коллегами выполняем множество расчетов различной сложности и «глубины». Все это «хозяйство» необходимо содержать в порядке и постоянной готовности «на проверку».

TechEditor — удобный и бесплатный инструмент ведения и документирования расчетов. Вы имеете возможность создать свою библиотеку типовых расчетов и существенно повысить эффективность работы. Кроме того, специалист может вести «журнал расчетов», документируя ход своих рассуждений, создавая множество модулей-листов, в которых для себя выполняет различные локальные проверки, «приброски» или полноценные расчеты. При этом, в отдельной вкладке того же документа можно оформить строгое логичное «повествование», при выводе которого потребитель получает готовый, корректно оформленный документ, предельно читабельный, аккуратный и готовый для передачи в архив / на проверку / в экспертизу.

Всё это бесплатно, в комплекте с дружеской поддержкой коллег"

Support TechEditor development

All funds will be directed to the development of products for engineers

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