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20-04-2020 | What should an engineer do in times of crisis? The offer by Dystlab Store

Recently, a webinar on crisis and opportunities has taken place.Recently, a webinar on crisis and opportunities has taken place.

At this online meeting, we talked about the potential of practical engineers, how to monetize existing skills and best practices, and how the Dystlab Store can be useful in this context.

  • What can be sold in this store?
  • What stereotypes and prejudices dominate among engineering professionals?
  • Is it difficult to record video courses? and etc.

Video of the webinar can be viewed here:


30-03-2020 | The store already has a video course on the design of reinforced concrete structures in Tekla Structures

The course will be useful for engineers with a basic knowledge of the program who wants to learn the specifics of modeling of reinforced concrete structures

The course consists of 26 video lessons, total duration is about 13 hours.In addition, the course participants are provided with a working model of a reinforced concrete structure to consolidate modeling skills.The course author provides support and answers to questions in the engineering social networking group in DS Community. Learn more about the course:


28-03-2020 | On April 9th, a new version of TechEditor will be presented!

We invite engineers to a free webinar, which will present the main features of the program

The largest update of the program over the past year. A few key changes:

  • the calculated "core" of the program has been rewritten from scratch;
  • work with several documents, combining documents into a single "project";
  • changes in the interface: basket for deleted sheets; pause mode for modules;
  • new functions for working with tables;
  • the basic functionality for working with charts — the first step in visual programming, and much more.

Registration: https://dystlab.store/index.php/events/161-webinar-techditor-070

17-02-2020 | You can support TechEditor development!

A free text editor for the preparation of technical documentation has established itself as a convenient tool that solves a number of problems of engineers. Templates and blanks (examples) of calculations can significantly speed up work with engineering reports.The development of new modules and improvement of the program continues. Despite the fact that TechEditor is free, many components and engines that provide the program cost some money.

Crowdfunding in this case will help make development of product faster. Therefore, if you liked TechEditor and you sincerely wish to further develop this environment, you can make your contribution to this! The list of necessary components and a button for donation for product development are at the bottom of this page


03-02-2020 | Tekla Structures video course pre-ordered

In March 2020, an introductory course on working at Tekla Structures will go on sale.

Now the video course can be paid at the price of pre-order.
Go to Tekla Structures Introductory Course for Beginners


28-01-2020 | Video course about the dynamic calculation of buildings and structures is on sale!

We are pleased to announce that the video course "Fundamentals of the dynamic calculation of buildings and structures" is now available in Dystlab Store.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to the dynamics of structures
  2. Free vibrations of building structures
  3. Determination of wind load according to SNiP
  4. Forced vibrations of building structures
  5. Modeling the behavior of the structure over time

Each module of the course consists of several video lessons that you can study at your convenience. A full description of the course and a couple of free lessons can be found here:


14-01-2020 | Autodesk products are in store now

Autodesk recently unveiled a series of its software on Dystlab Store.

Among the positions from the vendor are AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Fusion 360, Maya, Mudbox and SketchBook. Among the positions from the vendor are AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Fusion 360, Maya, Mudbox and SketchBook. You can see all products in this category here: https://dystlab.store/index.php/catalog/software/autodesk

04-01-2020 | TechEditor Telegram channel

TechEditor is a fast-paced text editor for engineers.

Software updates quite often, new features and capabilities are added. Every week we release new document templates for you — documents for processing engineering calculations and automating manual checks.

Do not miss it all! We recommend subscribing to the TechEditor Telegram channel: releases, video tutorials for working with the editor, and, of course, new templates for quick calculations and technical documentation.

01-12-2019 | Webinars for engineers

25-11-2019 | Video course on the dynamics of building structures

At the end of January 2020, the store will receive a video course on the basics of the dynamic calculation of building structures from Vitalii Artomov. As part of this course, you will learn how statics differs from dynamics, what causes fluctuations in the building structure, what types of loads and effects should be attributed to dynamic, and much more. This course can be purchased at a pre-order price until December 30, 2019.

More details about the course — click here.

17-10-2019 |

10-10-2019 |

15-09-2019 | New templates for civil engineers!

02-07-2020 | How to work with engineering text editor TechEditor (video tutorials)

It is no secret, the development of the new program raises many questions. It is also known that it is better to see once :)

Therefore, the Dystlab team records video tutorials, conducts webinars and master classes. All this helps to quickly learn the basic functionality of the program and better understand the capabilities of the editor for developing and formatting technical documentation using automatic calculations directly in the document.

Subscribe to the Dystlab YouTube channel. There is a whole TechEditor playlist!

28-06-2019 | Invite to cooperate the developers of engineering projects and software

Dystlab.Store accepts applications for product placement in the store. Categories of engineering positions: software for engineers, templates of technical documentation, drawings and projects, 3d models of structures, video courses, etc.

To offer a product for placement in the store, just fill out an application.

The store manager will contact you to discuss the details.

22-06-2019 | TechEditor Master Class (video)

Vitalii Artomov held a free master class in text editor for engineers TechEditor. During the webinar the following issues were considered:

  • how to get started using a template?
  • user interface overview
  • how to create equations
  • how to automate calculations
  • some tricks and tips in TechEditor

Video of the master class is already available on the Dystlab YouTube channel.

27-05-2019 | New version of TechEditor released

TechEditor (text editor for engineers) has been updated. The latest version is already available on the Dystlab Store website. The version of TechEditor 0.2.0 implements a number of changes and improvements to the program. Now Ukrainian and English are available in the interface language settings, mathematical fonts and new functions are added.

22-05-2019 | TechEditor will be used in materials resistance course

TechEditor is included in the list of programs used in the practical block of the online course on the basics of material resistance.

A text editor with the ability to automate calculations TechEditor is a convenient solution for the preparation of technical documentation, as it allows you to fully develop a document in one environment, without resorting to third-party programs for calculation or formatting.

This will soon be convinced for the students of the course "material resistance", which will be in this environment and execute calculations. Participants in the course will be able to use examples of calculations (templates) developed during the training to solve similar problems in their engineering practice.

20-05-2019 | TechEditor presentation successfully held!

Last Sunday, a presentation of Dystlab TechEditor took place. The meeting was attended by engineers from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The program interested the engineering community. Specialists asked a lot of questions about the capabilities of the editor and are ready to test the product in their engineering practice. The development team, meanwhile, is preparing to release the next release of the program, which will already include add-ons based on the feedback of the first TechEditor users.

Video clips of the webinar are available on the Dystlab YouTube channel.

10-05-2019 | TechEditor Presentation

On May 19, 2019, an online presentation of the TechEditor software will take place.

At a free webinar next Sunday, developers will present TechEditor and talk about the features of this program, plans for its further development, and answer questions from active users of the engineering editor.

Detailed information about the event is in the Webinars section. See you!

06-05-2019 | TechEditor Release

On May 10, 2019, the first version of the TechEditor engineering editor will be available for download from the Dystlab Store. Recall, Dystlab TechEditor is a development environment for technical documentation and engineering calculations, which is designed to facilitate the daily work of engineers. Distributed for free.

22-04-2019 | Engineering calculations and software for engineering calculations

We recommend reading longrid from Vitalii Artomov on the topic of engineering software.

How to automate engineering calculations? What are CAE? What math packages do engineers use? Is there a single engineering editor for the preparation of technical and scientific documentation?

Read in the article Engineering calculations and software for engineering calculations.

20-04-2019 | Filling the website of the online store

Throughout April 2019, the Dystlab Store is actively preparing for start. We are preparing the store, filling the "shelves" of Dystlab.Store with positions. The first positions will be templates with examples of engineering calculations in TechEditor and finished projects (drawings and models) in SolidWorks.


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