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Video course "Tekla Structures. Introductory course for beginners"

What is this course about?

This course covers the tools of the Tekla Structures program. It is shown how to create and edit a design model. From the course you will learn information on the interface and various settings of the program.



  1. Run the program, create a model
  2. File menu, model settings
  3. Model navigation methods
  4. Reference Models and Components panel
  5. Selection and Snap Panel
  6. Mini toolbar. Settings, use
  7. Type of model. Display filter
  8. Building a grid. Ways to enter object coordinates
  9. Editing Elements Using Handles and Direct Modifications
  10. Display elements. Selection filter
  11. Create a new profile and material
  12. Steel panel tools
  13. Concrete Panel Tools
  14. Edit Tools
  15. View toolbar
  16. Phases and their use
  17. Numbering objects and creating a drawing
  18. Drawings. Property hierarchy
  19. Drawings. Grid. Dimensions
  20. Drawings. Create a cut. Transferring a view to another drawing
  21. Create a site. Level marks. Text
  22. Stamp filling
  23. Create callouts and notations
  24. Create a caption character to insert into the stamp
  25. Printing Drawings
  26. Create a template of specifications
  27. How to change model color



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How to study on the course

  1. After paying for the course, you will receive access to video lessons on the platform Dystlab Education by mail.
  2. Watch video tutorials, download calculation examples and other course materials, and complete practical tasks.

Where to ask questions

  1. You can ask questions to the author of the course on the Dystlab Education forum.
  2. Join a group to support students in this course.
  3. Ask questions in a group, meet other participants, comment on discussions, share photos, etc.
  4. For payment/buy questions, please contact: +38 095 812 2046 (Viber/WhatsApp), t.me/dystlab_store (Telegram).

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