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Video courses and online learning materials for engineers. Here you can purchase ready-made courses for engineers or subscribe to them for viewing online.

The following video courses are already available:

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Video course ''Basics of structural dynamic analysis''

During course you will learn how statics differs from dynamics, what causes vibrations in the building structure, what types of loads and actions should be attributed to dynamic, and much more.

$ 50.00

Tekla Structures. Introductory course for beginners

This course covers the tools of the Tekla Structures program. It is shown how to create and edit a design model. From the course you will learn information on the interface and various settings of the program.

$ 125.00  $ 99.90

Video course ''Structural engineering from scratch''

A video course is currently under development.

$ 150.00  $ 90.00

Video course "Structural mechanics and finite element method"

Данный курс знакомит слушателя с основами строительной механики стержневых систем и методом конечных элементов.

Курс станет доступен: май 2020

$ 125.00  $ 99.90

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