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Calculation Sheets & Examples

Calculation Sheets & Examples

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Torsion shaft calculation

Document contains a torsion calculation example of the shaft end.

$ 0.00

Calculation of the support frame for an electric hoist (telpher)

Document contains the calculation of the supporting frame, to which the electric hoist (hoist) is suspended.

$ 14.99

Calculation of a ventilation unit sound attenuation

Документ содержит готовые функции для расчета снижения октавных уровней звуковой мощности в соответствии с указаниями "Руководства по расчету и проектированию шумоглушения вентиляционных установок" (1982).

$ 4.99

Designing the optimum section of a welded bending beam

This document contains the calculation of a steel beam as a part of the rod metal mezzanine in residential building.

$ 9.99

Calculation of a reinforced concrete beam for the action of shear force

Document contains an example of calculating a reinforced concrete beam for the action of a shear force (checking the strength of an inclined section).

$ 4.99

Calculation of a compressed rod for stability

The document contains an example of calculating a compressed rod for stability: a steel rod of a given length and stiffness is compressed by longitudinal force.

$ 4.99

Checking the frameless units of the lattice steel structures

Document contains an example of calculating a faceless assembly of a lattice steel structure with bent welded closed square profiles.

$ 9.99

Calculation of a wind load on a lightning conductor

Document contains an example of calculation the wind load on an open structure (lightning rod) according to SNiP.

$ 7.99

Flexural analysis of doubly reinforced concrete section (ACI)

This document provides flexural analysis of rectangular doubly reinforced concrete section without axial load.

$ 4.99

Calculation of wooden beam and rafter rack

Document contains example of calculating the truss structure for strength according to SNiP "Wooden structures".

$ 9.99

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