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What are digital engineering solutions?

Verified and systematized materials from various scientific and technical fields and engineering disciplines

  • examples of calculations
  • mathematical evaluations
  • engineering checks
  • and other scientific and technical information

  • technical reports
  • explanatory notes
  • and other textual documentation

  • calculators
  • math programs
  • tools for data entry, analysis and output, etc.

Why you should use ready-made solutions

Saving time

Using ready-made solutions that can be downloaded from the dystlab.store website will significantly reduce the time spent searching for calculation algorithms, formatting reports, preparing images, etc.

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Mistakes reduction

Using ready-made solutions by Dystlab will reduce the likelihood of errors in engineering calculations, as all materials are carefully checked and updated.


All solutions developed in TechEditor can be changed and adapted for specific engineering tasks.

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Who can benefit from our engineering solutions?

TechEditor can be applied in any field of human activity where technical documentation development is needed

Engineers who perform analytical calculations

Dystlab digital solutions are primarily oriented towards engineers. You can use them in projects related to building structures, machinery and mechanisms, power grids, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) projects, and others.

Some of the solutions are multidisciplinary and can be applied in various technical fields. For example, the calculation of geometric characteristics of a cross-section is in demand both in building and construction projects, as well as in the design of mechanical objects.

Even if the proposed solution does not fully meet your task, it can be used partially: simply copy the corresponding block into your current project.

Technical university students

Students of technical universities can benefit from Dystlab's solutions for the development of coursework and projects. Any part of a TechEditor report, calculation or math sheet can be copied into your notes.

Moreover, you can easily import data from Word, Excel or Google Docs into your project and supplement them with automatic calculations with units of measurement. All that's left is to print and get a high rating!

And we didn't even mention that sharing these notes with classmates is definitely a good idea ;)

Project managers and executives

The proposed digital solutions can help managers to solve at least two main problems: independent control of the design and standardization of document flow within the company.

In the first case, it is enough to run the design through a worst-case scenario, that is, to perform simple typical calculations. The results of such approximate calculations will help to understand whether it is possible to rely on the decisions of the main performers (a subcontracting organization or a freelance engineer).

Dystlab's solutions can also help project managers and responsible persons in the company to create a certain standard of documentation. This is not only about the logo and corporate colors — based on existing Dystlab documents, you can develop your own universal document templates, aimed at different departments and different users.

Scientific researchers

Scientists can be inspired to increase the level of automation in their professional activities with Dystlab's digital solutions.

Numbering tables, figures, formulas, and other elements in dissertations and scientific articles, automatic calculations and analysis, visualization of diagrams and algorithms — this is far from a complete list of TechEditor's capabilities!

About environment

TechEditor is a specialized software that is designed to quickly and efficiently develop various technical documentation

Who's developer?


Dystlab is a team of professional engineers with extensive experience in automating calculations of any complexity


We are designresidential housescivil buildingsindustrial structuresbridgesretaining wallsetc.

Examples of digital solutions in real engineering projects

Highway Bridge (Ukraine)

The road bridge project in Ukraine utilized Dystlab digital solutions to automate several design calculations, including determining the bending moments and transverse forces in the sections of the bridge span structure, calculating the geometric characteristics of the cross section of the span, and checking the structural elements against 1st and 2nd groups of limit states.

Project 1

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Useful articles for engineers

Рамка, яка не злітає: як автоматизувати основний напис в текстовому документі TechEditor

Рамка, яка не злітає: як автоматизувати основний напис в текстовому документі TechEditor

Якщо зображення, яке ви бачите нижче, викликає у вас відчуття дежавю — вітаю, ви не помилилися адресою. В цьому матеріалі ми розглянемо, як раз і назавжди позбутися проблем з рамками, основними написами та іншою графічною інформацією в текстових документах.

4 approaches to engineering calculations in TechEditor

4 approaches to engineering calculations in TechEditor

TechEditor is the environment for technical documentation development and mathematical calculations. But did you know that the same task can be solved in four different ways? Let's see it in the example of a beam calculation.

How to determine the force and moment in a beam railway bridge manually and through Dystlab calculators?

How to determine the force and moment in a beam railway bridge manually and through Dystlab calculators?

The collection of loads is one of the first stages of the design process. Since loads are an external concepts, logically they should not depend on either the design scheme or the chosen method of analysis. They are purely input data for calculations. However, there are situations where the load magnitude is closely related to a specific calculation methodology. This refers to the design of infrastructural objects.

Why I created TechEditor (Developer's Blog)

Why I created TechEditor (Developer's Blog)

We receive many questions from you, some of which are related to our flagship product - the environment for developing technical documentation TechEditor. Among other things, you ask about the purpose of this development, the purpose of the program, and why we are involved in this. So, I decided to tell the story of TechEditor from the very beginning.

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