0040. Example of calculating a beam in TechEditor (mathsheet, diagram, report, application)

This product provides a calculation algorithm to determine the maximum bending moment and deflection in a simple supported beam. The designed solution also includes two checks: ULS (bending moment <= resistance moment) and SLS (vertical deflection <= maximum allowable deformation).

The algorithm is implemented in four different formats, including report, diagram, mathematical sheet, and application. All documents are stored in a single file, and any units of measurement are supported. Everything, including calculation formulas, is editable.

To use the algorithm, follow these steps (these steps are performed by the automated solution, not the user):

  1. Obtain the initial data.
  2. Calculate the maximum bending moment.
  3. Calculate the resistance moment.
  4. Check the ultimate limit state (bending moment <= resistance moment)
  5. Calculate the serviceability limit state (vertical deflection <= maximum allowable deformations)

This product can be used by engineers and architects. It is designed to open in the TechEditor environment. By using this algorithm, users can increase the accuracy and efficiency of their beam calculations.

For more information about the approach, please read this article.

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