Digital Solutions Database for Ukrainian Engineers

Digital Solutions Database for Ukrainian Engineers

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Dystlab continues to work tirelessly for the fastest victory, recovery, and development of Ukraine.

Shortly, we plan to develop a set of digital solutions for the engineering and scientific community of Ukraine, namely:

  • templates of technical reports
  • examples of technical documentation
  • ready-made calculation sheets
  • special applications for designing civil and military building structures

The solutions being referred to can assist both design engineers and military specialists in two ways:

1) they can design new buildings and structures faster and more efficiently.

2) they can restore objects that were damaged by military action between 2014 and 2023.

Innovative solutions for the development of the engineering industry in Ukraine

Based on more than 17 years of experience in the architectural and construction, as well as scientific and educational fields, Dystlab plans to create a range of engineering solutions to strengthen the scientific and technical base of the civil and defense sectors of Ukraine.

First of all, we are talking about solutions for construction purposes (examples of explanatory notes, strength, and stability calculation sheets, and applications for analyzing and modeling the work of buildings and structures in different conditions). This will help civil and military engineers improve the terms and quality of reconstruction of war-damaged objects and, in the future, create new, more efficient designs.

Part of the proposed solutions will be based on national design standards (DBN, DSTU), and part will be based on foreign ones (Eurocode, building codes of Canada, etc.).

The implementation of solutions involves the standard cycle: discovery> development> testing> marketing (information). The project plans to include experts in the engineering field, IT, as well as marketing specialists.

Why did we decide to create a Solutions Database for engineers in Ukraine?

Despite the development of information technology, many engineers and designers work in a fairly chaotic and unpredictable field. Project activity often starts with searching for information and hoping the Internet will provide relevant answers. Some engineers try to work with textbooks or scientific literature, while others rely on a "magic button" in specialized software. Design standards and norms should help in this process, but they usually contain only concise and specific information in the style of "use if you know how." Moreover, we have echoes of the post-Soviet perception, when some managers or owners of engineering companies do not invest too much in the development of their personnel, leaving them alone with all technical problems.

Therefore, in Ukraine, there is currently no systematic repository of engineering solutions to which engineers could refer at practically all stages of their professional activity. We at Dystlab believe that creating such a resource will help technical specialists not only in their daily work but also strengthen the educational component. Thanks to the proposed solutions, engineers will be able to improve their qualifications and count on assistance, from the student's desk to the doors of their project office.

This is an investment in Ukraine's future, which we have already started on our own.

Here are a few more reasons we cannot ignore:

  • the need for post-war reconstruction of the country;

  • an increase in the volume of design and construction works;

  • a course towards European integration, active implementation of European building norms;

  • a general trend toward digitization and the use of digital solutions in engineering and education;

  • demand for scientific knowledge for practitioners, and a shortage of consultants and scientists.

How can Dystlab's digital solutions be used?

The proposed solutions can be used in both private (commercial) and public sectors.

Using TechEditor and corresponding digital solutions, private projects, design, construction, architectural, scientific companies, and organizations can significantly speed up the preparation of technical documentation. In addition to speed, quality will also increase: if an engineering company automates calculations and analysis in TechEditor, this will significantly reduce the percentage of errors that specialists make during manual calculations or in other computer programs (for example, in spreadsheets).

Speed, error reduction, repeatability of decisions - all these provide the proposed product with features that are attractive to businesses.

State design institutes, educational institutions, or military-industrial enterprises can already use Dystlab's developments. Each element of a building structure, each detail of a machine or mechanism designed using Dystlab's solutions, implements the corresponding global goals of the state regarding restoration, development, and prosperity.

Advantages of using digital solutions for engineers:

  • a single workspace for calculations and report preparation (visual text editor, mathematical engine, application editor)

  • support for units of measurement  of physical quantities

  • multi-level document

  • templateization, repeatability of decisions, optimization, automatic calculations

  • free of charge

  • no internet required

  • flexibility (simple and understandable solutions can be used for specialists with a low entry threshold into the field)

What we already have to implement this project:

  • experience in the development and implementation of similar solutions
  • understanding of the industry and user needs
  • expertise in the field
  • convenient and reliable development environment (TechEditor)

What else do we need to implement the project:

  • expansion of the team of developers of digital solutions in TechEditor (Dystlab is ready to train specialists)
  • testing, in-depth verification of ready-made solutions (testing team)
  • establishment of distribution channels in educational institutions, project organizations, military institutions
  • development of educational and methodical materials on the use of digital solutions, recording video guides and reviews for users
  • financial support

So, if you are interested in improving the quality and speed of technical documentation preparation, reducing errors, and increasing productivity, we would like to invite you to join our team and explore Dystlab's digital solutions and TechEditor:

innot needed textfoanother not needed text@dystlabdummy

We are collaborating to pursue sustainable development

We invite companies and public organizations to join this project and support us in achieving the following global sustainable development goals:

Goal 11. Sustainable cities and communities - "Ensuring openness, safety, resilience, and ecological sustainability of cities and human settlements"

Goal 9. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure - "Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation"

Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth - "Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all"

Goal 4. Quality education - "Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all"


Regarding support for the project of developing digital solutions for engineers and cooperation in the context of the development of the engineering community in Ukraine, please write to us at:

innot needed textfoanother not needed text@dystlabdummy

Can I help the project financially?

Of course, and we will sincerely appreciate it!

You can be sure that not a single cent will be spent in vain. So, you can become a client of the project and get access to all the solutions in the Dystlab Store catalog.

Dystlab Store - магазин для инженеров

Engineering solutions hub for TechEditor users.

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk.

WhatsApp (English or Ukrainian):
+38 095 812 2046

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